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Welcome to Capital Exotic, your go-to source for helicopter heavy lifting services. As experts in heavy lift helicopters, our services cover an expansive array of solutions tailored to meet all of your lifting requirements. From helicopter lifting services and aerial crane lifting capabilities to heavy lift helicopter capabilities, we have the know-how and capability to tackle even the most demanding projects with ease. Thanks to our state-of-the-art heavy lift helicopters and experience handling construction challenges, we take on construction challenges with ease. Imagine a crane lift helicopter effortlessly navigating the skies as a symbol of our commitment to excellence. Capital Exotic has long been known for providing elevated solutions, from construction helicopters and heavy lift operations, all the way up to crane lift helicopters for aerial work sites.

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Utility Projects

Capital Exotic is your best partner for utility projects and powerline patrol services.

Capital Exotic offers electrical power providers a reliable inspection and maintenance solution of their transmission and delivery lines with our vast experience and cutting edge technology. Utilizing our FLIR Corona350 camera, we conduct thorough patrols recording any corona events as well as video footage. Afterward, any detected issues are documented for reporting.
Our exclusive service combines a helicopter, FLIR/Corona cameras, and an aerial observer into one comprehensive solution. We can deliver reports, photos, and videos directly to you on the same day for prompt and efficient communication. Furthermore, our routine inspections aim to identify potential defects before they become serious issues.


  • Leaning Structures and Damaged Poles with Corroded Guy Wires for Support (Leaning Structures).
  • Broken, Corroded or Buried Guys Wires
    Braces and cross arms that are bent, broken, missing parts or have pack out (corrosion) as well as woodpecker damage;
  • Nests of birds or animals activity;
  • Missing aerial numbers and light fixtures;
  • Defective aerial lights as well as conductor and shield wire damage and loose or missing dampers and spacers that need attention are some indicators that there could be issues in an aircraft.
  • Lightning arrestors that have been damaged or blown out,
  • Armor rods that are misaligning, missing, loosening or loose, splice defects requiring repair, broken insulation and hardware are just some of the issues which need attention.
  • Insulators that are contaminated, broken, cracked or chipped;
  • Cotter key missing or backed out; Pins that are missing, loose or damaged;
  • Hardware which has been disconnected, misaligning itself or has otherwise gone faulty

Right of Way (ROW) issues include encroachments such as

  • Dirt under trampolines, pools and deer stands;
  • Vegetation concerns (dead trees; overgrown vegetation etc);
  • Construction within the ROW; and more generally any interferences which inhibit its proper use.

Power Line and Pipeline Inspection Services.

  • Inspection of natural gas, fuel and oil pipelines should include observation of any changes to the area such as erosion or slope variations,
  • Missing signs or markers or exposed pipes as well as physical or chemical leakage or potential encroachments.
  • Employ advanced imaging technologies, such as cameras, gyroscopic binoculars and infrared sensors to conduct detailed aerial inspections.

Helicopter Construction Services for Pipeline Projects

  • Pouring foundations.
    Installing monopoles and lattice structures.
  • TRANSPORTING Pallets, Concrete and Other Materials for Transport;
  • TRANSPORTING MACHINERY for Maintenance Services on Energy Lines.
  • Warning signs or aerial markers,
  • Aircraft warning spheres, aircraft flow spoilers, anti-galloping devices and bird diverter devices,
    conductor spacers, conductors with conductor spacers installed for increased conductivity (for example in conductor spacers used on cross arms and davit arms),
  • Dampers, insulation materials (insulators in this instance),
    knee braces as well as lightning/surge arresters are just a few things used by aircraft manufacturers as parts for their suspension hardware and tower sections.

Capital Exotic Helicopter Services to Install Utility and Patrol:

Helicopter construction services such as Capital Exotic’s are ideal for utility installation, patrols and other purposes requiring helicopter construction – whether that means utility installation, patrolling missions or something else entirely.

Helicopter inspection and installation is more cost-effective than other means. Helicopters can quickly cover large areas like remote power lines or pipelines in less time and reduce operational expenses; additionally they are more agile and precise than other aircraft and airplanes and can transport loads with greater versatility.

Utility helicopters can be utilized to patrol and construct power lines and pipelines in remote areas. Helicopters offer access to areas inaccessible to traditional ground cranes. Furthermore, their low environmental impact makes them the perfect solution.

Capital Exotic is your top choice for utility projects and powerline patrols, thanks to our commitment to excellence, advanced technology and unparalleled expertise. Call us now to see how our helicopter service can assist.

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