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Personal Chauffeur Services in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia By Capital Exotic

Chauffeur Cars

Reviews of Capital Exotic

28 Reviews

Rolls Royce Wraith

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$225/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

24 Reviews

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$400 Per Hour (3 hour minimum) If you book for 5 hours then $300 Per Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

23 Reviews


Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$150/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

13 Reviews


Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$175/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

46 Reviews

Mercedes AMG G63 G Wagon

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$100/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

36 Reviews

Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$200/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

15 Reviews

Cadillac Escalade

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$225/ Hour

Reviews of Capital Exotic

18 Reviews

Chevrolet Suburban

Hourly Chauffeur Rate

$225/ Hour

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Capital Exotic Chauffeur Services

Mercedes BENZ AMG G63 G Wagon - Luxury SUV For Rent in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia
Elevate your travel experience with Capital Exotic’s Chauffeur Services, where luxury meets convenience. We offer a wide range of chauffeur-driven experiences tailored to your needs. Airport Transfer Chauffeur: Our private chauffeurs ensure seamless airport transfers, guaranteeing you a smooth start or end to your journey. Travel in style with our luxury vehicles. Event Chauffeur Service: Make a grand entrance at any event with our event chauffeur service. Choose from our fleet of luxury vehicles and arrive like a VIP. Standard Chauffeur Service: For a touch of sophistication, our standard chauffeur service offers top-notch vehicles and professional drivers. Sports Event Chauffeur: Heading to a sports event? Let us take care of your transportation needs, no matter the party size. Executive Chauffeur Service: Our executive chauffeur service provides discretion, luxury, and reliability for corporate travelers. Corporate Executive Chauffeur: For corporate events, our confidential and executive chauffeur service ensures you make a lasting impression. Tour and Sightseeing Chauffeur: Discover the city’s gems with our tour and sightseeing chauffeur service, featuring a full range of vehicles to accommodate your group. No matter your choice, our private chauffeurs, including
    • Private Chauffeur for special events,
    • Personal Chauffeur for vacation,
    • Hire Chauffeur for corporate tours,
    • Private Driver for family needs,
    • Chauffeur or Chauffeur driver for luxury business travels,
    • Private Chauffeur Service for Airport Chauffeur needs,
Event Service, Executive Chauffeur, Standard Chauffeur Service, Sports Event Chauffeur, Corporate Executive Chauffeur, and Tour and Sightseeing Chauffeur, are all at your service when you book with Capital Exotics cause its not the service we provide its the memories. And the memories bring back, memories bring back you. From airport transfers to special events, our chauffeur-driven experiences redefine luxury. Book now for a private chauffeur service package, and let us elevate your journey to let you enjoy luxury in a way you never even imagined.

Our Advanteges

Our Chauffeur Service

Capital Exotics provides premium chauffeur services with experienced and competent drivers to deliver an unforgettable luxury experience in Washington D.C. to Maryland, and Virginia and its surrounding areas. Our premium service is ideal for city tours, weddings, prom nights, nightclubs, and other private events.

Here are the key aspects of our services:

  1. Experienced and knowledgeable chauffeur drivers as well as comfortable yet stylish transportation solutions
  2. Experienced chauffeurs to enhance the travel experience
  3. Chauffeur services are available for all exotic vehicles with a minimum booking limit of two hours or more

Why Should you choose from our service:

  1. No Security Deposit Needed
  2. Our chauffeur knows all the best routes, avoiding congestion.
  3. He or she is available 24/7.
  4. Ideal for intercity trips and airport transfers
  5. Providing highly maintained clean cars with professionally dressed chauffeurs for an outstanding impression.
  6. No insurance is required from the renter

Capital Exotic strives to exceed your expectations and deliver unforgettable experiences during every journey, offering personal drivers who promise the highest levels of luxury and convenience making your time with us an experience of a lifetime.

Capital Exotic provide Chauffeur Service for Airports transfers, Events, Corporate Business tours, to Personal Traveling needs in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
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Do I need to have insurance to get a Chauffeur?

Nope! All our drivers have their own full coverage insurance. All you need is yourself, your group (optional) and some drinks (highly recommended)

How do I know which cars have Chauffeur service?

ALL of our cars can be booked with a Chauffeur! Although we recommend booking cars like our ALL NEW AMG G63 G Wagon for Chauffeur Service, but we can certainly offer other vehicles.

What are your rates for Chauffeur Service?

Rates vary, with the best value being our ALL NEW AMG G63 . You can book a Chauffeur for $145/Hr flat rate with no fees, insurance dues, or security deposits. That’s nearly beating regular Uber prices, and they’re certainly not driving a G63.

Are there hourly minimums?

While we do require a minimum of 3 hours booked, there is no maximum. The party can go on as long as you’d like it to

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