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Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?
All our reservations and payment channels are handled by trusted third-party software, ensuring your money is safe and responsibly transferred through.
1) The daily rate or hourly will be paid upfront in full. If renting a car a Charge hold will be placed during the rental period to insure in case of damages or driving over the allotted miles
How old must I be to be eligible to rent a vehicle?
The renter must be 21 years or older to be eligible for a rental agreement.
Can I cross the state borders with the vehicle?
Yes, All our vehicles are equipped with an activity tracker for security reasons and you are required to abide by mentioned mileage and coverage terms as per the set contract.
Is it possible to collect and return the vehicle in different cities?
Yes, We have pickup and drop off points located in all major areas of the city to ensure that you always are at peace of mind with our services, we do offer, pick up and drop off services via our drivers.
Is there a certain cap for mileage per rental?
Certain contracts and vehicle types do term to a specific cap of mileage when it comes to your rental contract kindly refer to your agreement or speak to one of our advisors today.
Can I only pay via credit card?

We do not accept crypto or cash anymore. We accept Credit card, Debit card, Wire Transfers, Zelle, Venmo.
Kindly make sure to choose the correct payment method. For further enquires regarding payment kindly speak to an advisor.

Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle?
As an eligible renter, you are required to have a valid drivers licence. If you are covered under personal insurance you can go ahead and use that. We also have Capital insurance if required to make sure the renter is 100% covered.
What documentation is required for the verification process?
Our rental process is quite simple however you are required to have your valid ID, driver’s licence and proof of insurance.
How Is damage measured?
In an unlikely event of an accident, Capital Exotics in accordance with our partnered insurance company’s policies and depending upon the profile of the renter- a quote for the damage is released.
How can I change or cancel my reservation?
No refunds, If you cancel you can also only switch you reservation 1 time from your current selected date
Is there a cancellation fee?
If you make any further amendments within the cut-off time period you may me subject to a cancellation fee, refer to your invoice for more info or speak to one of our advisors today.
What other fees are included in the rental?

We have a cleaning and service fee of $150 for every rental or chauffeur service.

Do I need to return the car with a full tank?
We give cars out cars with a quarter tank of gas, the renters responsible to put as much gas as the intended drive in the vehicle and return it with a quarter tank of gas.
How much does it cost to rent an exotic car?
Browse through our full range of exotic rental cars, prices vary on make model and year.
What are the charges for a chauffeur?

A personal chauffeur is exactly what you want to make your travel experience more comfortable and luxurious, find out more about chauffeur packages here

Rental limits for a chauffeur?
There is a minimum three-hour limit for the chauffer services, To find out more about our specially tailored packages speak to one of our advisors today.
Are there any guarantees?
Although we have a 99% perfect track record for reservation accuracy, the world is a wild and dynamic place, booking a rental with Exotic Cars does NOT guarantee your vehicle selection, make & model, time frame, price, availability or any other detail. We reserve the right to amend your reservation at any time, with or without notice. (But we will always do everything in our power to ensure you have the BEST POSSIBLE experience.
Are there any security deposits?
Yes. Minor scuffs and scrapes (which are relatively inexpensive to repair) are billed to you directly on the payment card you use to make the reservation or would also be covered under a full coverage insurance policy*. *Supplemental Damage Waivers are available as well.
Are there any taxes?
Yes. DMV location taxes range from 6% to 11.5%. Taxes will be charged according to location.
Don’t charge sales tax?

We charge sales and rental tax of 8.5%.

Do you accept Bitcoin or other altcoins*?
We don’t accept Bitcoin
Do you match competitor prices?
Yes. We offer the widest variety of exotic rentals at the lowest price guaranteed. This means we will match our competitor’s TRUE out-the-door price for comparable rentals.
How does it work?


Pick a car, pay for the rental, show proof of insurance and enjoy.

How many miles do I get with my rental?


All rentals come with mileage limit.

Need to drive further away? Let us know.

Is there a military discount?
Yes. All US military personnel (active and retired) receive 5% off. Thank you for serving our country! 🇺🇸
Why do the brakes squeak?

Most of our cars use factory stock carbon ceramic racing brakes. The reason they squeak is because they perform best when they are hot (usually on a racetrack).

Since our cars are used on everyday roads, the brake pads are much cooler and thus squeak louder than usual.

Do you do background check?

Yes we do.

Do you have ID verification?

We scan your ID to verify your identity.

Are background checks required?
Yes. We have a 2 step background check and you must qualify.
Are there any group discounts?


We have corporate event packages available upon request for reservations of 6 rentals or more. Please contact our reservations team for more information.

Are there any speed restrictions or governors?
However, you are required to follow all state and federal laws and we encourage you to drive responsibly.
Are there hourly rentals?


The minimum rental period is 12 hours. The maximum rental period is 7 days. Need to rent a car for more than 7 days? Let us know. For Chauffeur service the hourly minimum is 3 hours

Are there penalties for late returns?
Yes. Returning a rental after the specified time results in a $250 late fee plus proration amount.
Can I book a car for someone else?
Yes. Reservations need to match the name on the payment card, however, you can add additional drivers.
Can I pay with cash?
No. We don’t take cash.
Can tall people fit comfortably in an exotic car?

Yes. (up to 6’2″)

A common misconception in the exotic car world is that tall people cannot fit comfortably behind the wheel. All of our cars can fit persons as tall as 6’2″ with the exception of the Convertible Lamborghini Huracán.

Taller than 6’2″? Try a Rolls Royce (they have the most legroom)!

Do I have to have a drivers license?
Do I need to arrive early for pickup?
Yes. Please arrive up to 20 minutes before your rental start time to fill out waivers and do a walkthrough of the vehicle.
Do you accept prepaid debit cards/gift cards?
No. All payment cards must have a chip and be attached to a bank account matching the name on your rental agreement.
Do you accept walk-ins?
Yes. Although, cars are generally booked weeks in advance.
How much does it cost to rent a car?
24 hour rental prices range from $349 up to $19,999.
How old do I have to be to rent a car?
25 for cars and SUVs. 21 for autocycles and motorcycles.
Do you take thumb prints?

For every rental we REQUIRE a thumb print on the rental contract and the payment receipt biometricly binding you to the contract/vehicle for identity reasons.

Are thumb prints required ?
YES you must initial every page of the rental contract with a thumb print upon pick up of the vehicle
Is there road side service included?
Yes we have road side service included with every rental.
Do transfer fees come out of my deposit?
Yes it does, all deposit have a transfer fee come out when we return it to you.