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Welcome to Capital Exotics, aerial filming and helicopter videography services. Capital Exotic helicopters consists of doing many services ranging from helicopter aerial filming to the capturing of eye opening aerial shots for your film, ads, and movie projects. Capital Exotic specialize in turning your vision into reality by using the top skills person of aerial cinematography in making stunning scenes that leave a long lasting impact. With the best device used for aerial videography, we bring the magic of aerial cinematography to life. Whether you’re seeking to capture a captivating aerial shot, require helicopter filming services, or need expert aerial videography, we’re here to cater to your needs. Explore the world of aerial videography and experience the great difference that Capital Exotics aerial videography services can make for your Aerial filming project.

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Capital Exotic Is Your Premier Aerial Filming and Photography Service

Capital Exotic takes great pride in offering superior aerial filming and photography services. Our highly skilled pilots are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and customer service; with experience in “Flying the Camera,” they strive to help you capture that perfect shot. Their friendly service ensures an enjoyable flying experience! Our friendly attitude combined with an understanding of customer needs ensures an enjoyable flight with Capital Exotic!
Our fleet of Bell helicopters makes for the ideal platform when it comes to aerial photography, offering spacious cabin areas suitable for accommodating camera equipment. Plus, each helicopter can be tailored specifically to your requirements; whether that means removing passenger doors or installing our unique photo window for expanded shooting areas. You can rest easy knowing our fleet comprises highly stable and maneuverable helicopters; making them the ideal choice for all of your aerial photography ventures!

Aerial Cinematography

Capital Exotic is your one-stop service provider when it comes to aerial cinematography. From professional photographers for photo shoots or movie shoots to stable aerial platforms – whatever it may be – Capital Exotic has everything covered when it comes to aerial cinematography. Our experienced pilots specialize in aerial photoshoots and are committed to capturing exactly the shots that you require – thanks to years of television news contracts we possess vast expertise in general aerial photography.

Movie Shoot

Capital Exotic’s crew of SAG pilots offers a seamless experience when filming movies at Capital Exotic helicopters. WESCAM, FLIR, and Cineflex cameras can all be mounted directly on our helicopters for your movie shoots ensuring a hassle-free experience!
Capital Exotic offers exceptional aerial photography, videography and cinematography services. Contact us today and transform your vision into stunning images from above.

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Welcome to Capital Exotic car rental company in Washington DC, your top choice for luxury rental cars and exotic adventures. We provide a wide range of high-end exotic luxurious vehicles from prestigious brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Mclaren , Rolls Royce and so much more.

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Welcome to Capital Exotic’s helicopter charter and tour service, where luxury meets adventure! Our helicopter fleet is an ideal way to discover the stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks of East Coast America. Looking to enjoy breathtaking views of the Washington Monument or soar the majestic Shenandoah Mountains from above?

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At Capital Exotics we offer our clientele with a premium chauffeur service, on board with the most experience and competent drivers, aiming to provide the most luxurious experience. Not too familiar with the city? Our experienced chauffeurs will drive you to your destination in style and utmost comfort.