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Welcome to Capital Exotic, your one-stop source for advanced fire suppression and aerial firefighting solutions. Our fleet features state-of-the-art helicopter fire fighting fleet equipped with state-of-the-art fire suppression tanks; with an emphasis on safety and efficiency we provide helicopter fire fighting services second to none. Our experienced team specializes in combatting fires from above for swift and effective suppression; so trust Capital Exotic when you require premium quality fire fighting helicopter services or helicopter fire fighter helicopter services for unparalleled results.

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Capital Exotic: Your Reliable Partner for Fire Suppression and Aerial Firefighting

At Capital Exotic, we take great pride in providing outstanding fire suppression and aerial firefighting support services across the United States. With strong presences in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland – as well as other locations – Capital Exotic has established itself as an exceptional national company dedicated to fighting fires and safeguarding communities.

Our fleet helicopters serve as reliable platforms for fire support services and light lifting work, offering agility, versatility and enhanced lifting capacities in tandem with speed.

  1. Our comprehensive fire suppression services include: Aerial Water Delivery (Bambi Bucket): Our helicopters are equipped to drop precise drops using Bambi Buckets from above, effectively extinguishing fires and minimizing their spread.
  2. Prescribed Burning: Capital Exotic is a leader in controlled burns to combat wildfires and maintain ecosystem health, such as Primo Mark III / SEI Red Dragon’s advanced fire ignition systems that support controlled burns as well as strategically suppressive operations.
  3. Crew Transport and Fire Boss Work: Our services include crew transportation as well as Fire Boss support to facilitate quick responses and effective firefighting efforts.
  4. Fire Patrols and Reconnaissance: Our experienced pilots conduct fire patrols and reconnaissance flights to monitor fire activity, identify any potential threats and facilitate strategic decision-making processes.
  5. Fire Mapping: Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to develop detailed fire maps for accurate assessment and strategic planning, providing accurate assessment as well as precise strategic planning capabilities.
  6. Damage Assessments: Our team conducts comprehensive damage assessments following fire incidents to assess their effects on recovery efforts.
  7. Longline equipment: Our longline equipment enables us to quickly transport firefighting supplies and equipment into remote locations.
  8. Equipment Installation and Relocation: Capital Exotic offers services for the installation and relocation of firefighting equipment to ensure its readiness and optimal deployment.

Capital Exotic’s fire suppression and aerial firefighting services ensure an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise, and commitment to safety. Our skilled pilots and well-maintained helicopters are committed to safeguarding lives, property, and the environment – get in touch today to see how Capital Exotic can meet all your fire suppression needs!

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