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Welcome to Capital Exotic, your go-to source for helicopter heavy lifting services. Specializing in heavy lift helicopters, our solutions include comprehensive services designed to meet your lifting needs. From helicopter lifting services and aerial crane lifting capabilities to heavy lift helicopter capabilities, we are equipped to manage even the most challenging projects with ease. Our state-of-the-art heavy lift helicopters and experienced staff make construction challenges our specialty! Imagine a crane lift helicopter gracefully gliding across the sky; that’s a testament to our dedication and excellence. Capital Exotic’s expertise lies in construction helicopters and heavy lift operations, and as your partner for elevated solutions that reach new heights.

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Capital Exotic is Your Trusted Partner for External Load Operations and Long Line Support

At Capital Exotic, we specialize in providing reliable external load/long line support services using our versatile Bell 206BIII and 407 helicopters to deliver efficient external load operations. From light lift work to heavier lifting capabilities, our helicopters are well equipped to manage a variety of external load operations safely and efficiently. Capital Exotic is proud to be an FAA Part 133 Certified External Load Operator that ensures the highest standards of safety and efficiency when meeting all your lifting needs.

Our knowledgeable personnel are committed to efficiently organizing and executing your lift project with minimal downtime and resources used. We provide an array of services designed to ensure a successful experience:

  1. Helicopter and Pilot: Our experienced pilots combine with our well-maintained Bell 206BIII and 407 helicopters to ensure a safe and reliable external load operation.
  2. Signal Personnel: At our team, our trained signal personnel coordinate and communicate effectively during the lifting process, guaranteeing precise and controlled movements.
  3. Radio Communication: At Air Transport Solutions Group (ATSG), we use robust radio communication systems to facilitate efficient and clear dialogue between ground personnel and helicopter crew members.
  4. Rigging: Our experts specialize in all aspects of rigging, from load securement to transport safety.
  5. Lifting Straps, Cables, Nets, Swivels and Shackles: At Lifting Solutions International Inc, we provide high-quality lifting equipment such as straps, cables, nets, swivels and shackles in order to meet various load requirements.
  6. FAA Permits: As an approved operator, we take the responsibility of obtaining all required FAA permits for your external load operation.
  7. City Permits: Should they be necessary, we are also here to help you obtain city permits that comply with local regulations and ensure an uninterrupted operation.
  8. Local Notifications: Our experienced team handles all necessary notifications for local police, fire, and airport authorities in order to ensure smooth coordination and safety compliance.
  9. Service Vehicles: Our fleet of service vehicles supports the logistics of your external load operation by offering on-site assistance and efficient coordination.
  10. Additional Insurance Coverage Options: Our additional coverage options offer peace of mind and comprehensive protection during external load operations.

Capital Exotic can provide professional expertise, careful planning, and unsurpassed commitment to safety when it comes to external load needs. Contact us now and learn how our services can improve your lifting operations for efficient results!

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