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Range Rover Sport SVR - Luxury SUV

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Capital Exotic provide Secured Payment options for Exotic Car rental, Chauffeur, Security and Helicopter Charter Service operating in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia.
RANGE ROVER | | Luxury rental cars | Capital Exotic Cars

Rated 4.3/5 by Hundreds of Satisfied Customers!

Range Rover Sport SVR - Details

Style Of Range Rover Sport SVR
Make Range Rover
Model Sport SVR
Color Satin Black
Actual MSRP $202K
Performance of Range Rover Sport SVR
Engine V8
TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic
TORQUE 700 lb-ft
0-60MPH 4.3 seconds
1/4 MILE 12.3 seconds
TOP SPEED 176 mph
Interesting facts
The Range Rover Sport SVR’s powerful engine note is no mere coincidence; it has been carefully engineered into an orchestra of power. Land Rover collaborated with British music production company Aerospace Studios to craft a sound that perfectly compliments its dynamic personality, creating an exhaust note that not only amplifies performance but is an auditory experience itself that amplifies driving thrills as well. So when you hear that roar, know it is actually part of a carefully composed symphony of passion.
About Capital Exotic and Range Rover Sport SVR

Welcome to Capital Exotic rental cars dc , your premier source for luxurious experiences on wheels! We specialize in offering an exquisite fleet of exotic car rental maryland, exotic rental cars across DC and Virginia – be it thrilling Lamborghini rental near me or luxurious Rolls Royce rentals – that provide unforgettable adventures on every journey we offer that. Our commitment to excellence can be seen through competitive pricing models, exclusive security features and professional chauffeur services; as the premier DC exotic car rental service we make sure each journey you undertake with Capital Exotic becomes an unforgettable one – so come experience its allure today with Capital Exoticcarrental today with luxury car rental Maryland and exotic car rental DC and exotic car rental Virginia.

Experience the Range Rover Sport SVR, an exotic and powerful sports car that seamlessly combines luxury, comfort, and outstanding performance. Rent this luxury car from Capital Exotic in Washington D.C. , Maryland, and Virginia for an amazing driving experience.
Enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and performance with the Range Rover Sport SVR, ensuring a comfortable and thrilling ride. Whether you’re exploring the lively streets of DC, the beautiful landscapes of Maryland, or the stunning state of Virginia, the Range Rover Sport SVR promises a fantastic and enjoyable drive.

Book now and enjoy a luxurious journey with Capital Exotic, your reliable source for Range Rover Sport SVR rentals in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Range Rover - What makes the Range Rover SVR special?
It is the same engine as in the RR Sport SVR but the SVR has had its’ engine tuned by Special Vehicle Operations(SVO), which is like AMG-Mercedes to Range Rover. The SVR also has different exhaust, wheels and other bits of performance bits too, being a road-focussed super SUV.
What documentation is required for the verification process?
Our rental process is quite simple however you are required to have your valid ID, driver’s licence and proof of insurance.
Range Rover - What special features does the Range Rover sport have?
It is electric-hybrid. Thrilling performance and one of the few to offer 50kW rapid DC charging. Range Rover Sport vehicle’s extended range plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) can charge up to 80 percent in under an hour32. With a 3.0-litre six-cylinder Ingenium Gas engine, 105kW, and several driving modes. The range has an airbag suspension system and different drive modes.
Range Rover - What is the difference between the SVR and the sport?
The SVR is the higher-performance version of the Range Rover sport.
Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle?
As an eligible renter, you are required to have a valid drivers licence. If you are covered under personal insurance you can go ahead and use that. We also have Capital insurance if required to make sure the renter is 100% covered.

What our Customers Say

Range Rover Sport SVR

Welcome to the thrilling world of uncompromised performance and luxurious adventure embodied by the Range Rover Sport SVR! This variant of the iconic Range Rover Sport lineup is more than an SUV; it’s a force of power and precision, boasting a supercharged V8 engine and design elements that reflect athleticism – truly making this car one of the ultimate high-performance SUVs available today. Come join us as we journey into this realm where performance meets luxury! Buckle up for an exhilarating driving experience! Buckle up as we embark upon high performance SUVs like never before where this reign supreme reigns supreme – setting new standards in dynamic driving and luxurious adventure!