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Chevrolet Corvette - Sports Car For Rent

$550 / day

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Capital Exotic provide Secured Payment options for Exotic Car rental, Chauffeur, Security and Helicopter Charter Service operating in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia.
Corvette | Luxury rental car on CapitalExotic

Rated 4/5 by Hundreds of Satisfied Customers!

Chevrolet Corvette | Details

Style Of Chevrolet Corvette
Color Baby Blue
CLASS Sports Car
BODY Convertible
Actual MSRP $100K
Performance of Chevrolet Corvette
Engine V8
TRANSMISSION Automatic 8-speed dual clutch
TORQUE 465 lb-ft
0-60MPH 2.9 seconds
1/4 MILE 11.2 seconds
TOP SPEED 205 mph
Interesting facts
Since 1984, the Chevrolet Corvette has made frequent appearances in films and television programs, cemented its status as an icon of American popular culture. One iconic scene involves Arnold Schwarzenegger using his 1983 C4 Corvette stolen by Arnold from “The Terminator,” to chase after enemies – this has since become one of its more well-known depictions; other appearances of Corvettes can be found in “Transformers”, Rush Hour”, Entourage”, among many others – further cementing its place as not just an effective sports car but cherished as an icon representing American automotive excellence!
About Capital Exotic and Chevrolet Corvette

Capital Exotics is the best exotic car rental choice for exceptional luxury rental service for exotic rental of supercars, helicopter charter tours, private security services, chauffeur to most premium packages comprising of luxury deals specially catered for VIP individuals, situated and working in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and its surroundings. Capital Exotics offers exotic services not only in exotic car rental but many other exotic services like wedding packages with photoshoot with our Exotic cars along with date night packages offering stunning luxury of dinner in 5 star restaurants and also for special moments like birthdays, weekend parties and many other, with competitive, cheap and budget-friendly prices, along with exclusive security and chauffeur services. Experience excellence at its finest with Capital Exotics.

Rent the Chevrolet Corvette from Capital Exotic in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The Chevy Corvette is an exotic convertible sports car available for rent with Capital Exotic car rental.

Enjoy the thrill of the open road with the Chevrolet Corvette, a perfect blend of style and performance. Whether you’re cruising through the bustling streets of Washington DC, exploring the picturesque landscapes of Maryland, or embarking on an adventure through Virginia, the Chevrolet Corvette promises an exciting and memorable driving experience.

Contact us now to reserve the Chevrolet Corvette with Capital Exotic, your go-to provider for Chevy Corvette rentals in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chevrolet Corvette Blue - What is the max speed?
205 MPH.
What documentation is required for the verification process?
Our rental process is quite simple however you are required to have your valid ID, driver’s licence and proof of insurance.
Chevrolet Corvette Blue - What is Chevrolet Corvette famous for?
Known around the world as America’s sports car, the Corvette exemplifies the definition of innovation. The Corvette is the world’s longest-running, continuously produced passenger car. When the first Corvette rolled off the line over 60 years ago, it was born an icon.
Chevrolet Corvette Blue - What makes the Chevrolet Corvette special?
A Top Gear review praised the Corvette for its improved handling through corners which was always a problem with American sports cars. The mid-mounted engine in the C8 Z06 is also the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 engine in the world.
Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle?
As an eligible renter, you are required to have a valid drivers licence. If you are covered under personal insurance you can go ahead and use that. We also have Capital insurance if required to make sure the renter is 100% covered.

What our Customers Say

Chevrolet Corvette

Since 1957, the Chevrolet Corvette has stood as an emblematic example of American automotive design and engineering. Renowned for its performance and style thanks to its sleek aerodynamic body shape and powerful engines. Today’s mid-engine sports car, known as C8, raises even higher standards of performance and sophistication while its daring styling, cutting edge tech, and exceptional driving dynamics makes for an experience like none other – sure to please sports car fans or just appreciators of superior engineering alike! The C8 Chevrolet Corvette never ceases to surprise.

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