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VIP Table Booking Service of Zebbie's Garden Night Club in Washington DC

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Zebbie's Garden Night Club DC | VIP Table Booking Service of Capital Exotic in Washington DC


Hip Hop, Electronic


Dress to impress




10 PM - 3 AM

Zebbie's Garden DC NIGHTCLUB VIP Table Booking Service by Capital Exotic

Booking Your VIP Table

Rated 5/5

Zebbie's Garden DC Club

Location: Zebbie’s Garden is a captivating destination nestled in the heart of Washington, DC. Located in the vibrant Dupont Circle neighborhood, this upscale nightclub and garden combines the charm of the past with the energy of contemporary DC nightlife.

Zebbies Garden – 

Zebbies Garden is an elevated house and electronic music focused nightclub with a beautiful aesthetically pleasing flower garden interior decor. If you have partied in Miami nightclubs, this is the feel you will get from Zebbies, but in Washington DC. Zebbies is one of the newest clubs in DC and has brought a unique feel to nightlife in this city like never before. With a beautiful interior and great music, it feels like you are somewhere magical. On Thursday nights, they also do hip-hop parties, but over the weekend, Zebbies tends to attract house music lovers in the city. They book local and big DJs and also provide VIP table service, including a special stage table behind the DJ booth. Zebbies Garden has a lot of internal space and therefore allows a large amount of people to be inside without feeling too crowded. There are two main bars where you can always find the service you require as well as many cool areas for photo ops including a swing set, LED light signs on the walls, and beautiful flower backgrounds. 

A Glimpse into the Past with a Modern Twist:

Named after the Prohibition-era speakeasy proprietor, Zachariah “Zebbie” Goldsmith, Zebbie’s Garden honors its historic roots while embracing modernity. The club features a stunning interior reminiscent of an enchanted garden, complete with faux grass floors, cherry blossoms, neon lights, swings, and hand-shaped seats.

Hours of Operation:

Zebbie’s Garden invites guests to indulge in its unique atmosphere on Thursdays from 10 PM until close, and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 PM to 3 AM, offering an exclusive nightlife experience.

Weekly Events and Exceptional Music:

Known for its electrifying house and techno music, Zebbie’s Garden hosts weekly events showcasing both local and international talent. The club’s advanced sound system and vibrant ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night out.

VIP Experiences and Ambiance:

Zebbie’s Garden offers an array of VIP experiences in its whimsical setting. With bottle service and private event options, the club caters to those seeking a luxurious and unique nightlife experience.

Dress Code:

Zebbie’s Garden encourages guests to dress smartly, in line with its fashionable and upscale ambiance. The club maintains a dress code to enhance the experience for all guests.

Zebbie's Garden Night Club DC | VIP Table Booking Service of Capital Exotic in Washington DC

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zebbie's Garden have a cover charge?


Does Zebbie's Garden have a dress code?
They ask that you approach your wardrobe deliberately and with a sense of occasion. You are welcome if you dress with personality, purpose, and originality but please note we favor a glamorous dress code.
How did the concept of Zebbie’s Garden originate?
In 1933, In the waning days of prohibition, police raided the speakeasy, seizing large quantities of illegal alcohol and arresting proprietor, Zachariah ” Zebbie” Goldsmith. Today, 1223 Connecticut Avenue, is home to Zebbie’s Garden, an upscale Nightclub and Garden.
Zebbie's Garden Night Club DC | VIP Table Booking Service of Capital Exotic in Washington DC

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