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When is Black Friday 2023? | car rental dc | exotic rental cars maryland | exotic car rental virginia

When Is Black Friday 2023? Exclusive Deals at Capital Exotic You Can’t Afford to Miss

Black Friday 2023 

Do you ever wonder when Black Friday falls this year? Traditionally, this major shopping holiday takes place the day after Thanksgiving, thus making its date Friday, November 24—the fourth Friday of November in 2023.

When is Black Friday 2023? | car rental dc | 
exotic rental cars maryland | exotic car rental virginia
Black Friday 2023

This year’s “official” Black Friday sales typically kick off Thanksgiving Day (or even prior, depending on the store) and continue through Cyber Monday; these deals run all through Cyber Week—we call this experience! Pre-Black Friday deals began popping up as early as October and continued through early November, while many retailers are hosting week-long Black Friday sales events.

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What Will Happen On Black Friday 2023?

Expect a shopping rush like never before on Black Friday 2023. This Friday, after Thanksgiving, is the first day of the holiday buying season.

Black Friday sales and deals start early. You can expect deals on tech, clothes, and more, not just cooking appliances. 

When is Black Friday 2023? | car rental dc | 
exotic rental cars maryland | exotic car rental virginia
Black Friday Special Offer

Some stores, like Amazon, will have deals before Black Friday 2023 and on Cyber Monday. Get ready for lightning deals, big cuts at big stores, and maybe the best prices of the year. With so many people buying in stores and online, Black Friday 2023 is sure to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

With Black Friday 2023 just around the corner, shoppers are advised to watch out for deal previews and plan their purchases accordingly.

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How To Find The Best Black Friday Deals of 2023?

For Black Friday Deals 2023 in Washington D.C., a variety of stores and online retailers are offering a range of deals. Here’s a summary of some notable deals and offerings:

Black Friday Sale with Capital Exotic

1. Amazon

Starting on November 17, Amazon began offering early Black Friday deals on a wide range of products, including robot vacuums and espresso machines. The official Amazon Black Friday deals commence the day after Thanksgiving​​.

2. Best Buy

Black Friday deals at Best Buy started as early as October. Starting the Friday before Black Friday, they are offering a week-long round of deals instead of just a single day. Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving​​.

3. Costco

For Black Friday weekend (including Thanksgiving online), Costco is offering deals in-warehouse and online on items such as wine refrigerators, TVs, and diamond jewelry.  You can also find deals before Black Friday.

4. Home Depot

Home Depot is offering Black Friday deals online until November 29. Their range includes items like saws, washers and dryers, mirrors, and cabinetry.  Black Friday sales start on Friday afternoon and end by Thanksgiving day.

5. Macy’s

Macy’s is providing deals for the entire week of Black Friday (Sunday to Saturday). The store will be closed on Thanksgiving and will open at 6 a.m. on Black Friday​​.

6. Target

Target is offering daily and weekly Black Friday deals including TVs, headphones, and baby gear. The store will remain closed on Thanksgiving but will open at 7 a.m. on Black Friday​​.

7. Walmart

Walmart is having two rounds of Black Friday deals, with one event starting on November 8 and another on November 22 online. The store will be closed on Thanksgiving and open at 5 a.m. on Black Friday​​.

8. Tech Deals

Significant discounts on tech products, including headphones from brands like Apple, Bose, Sony, JBL, and Skullcandy, as well as smart devices such as Ring Video Doorbells and Echo Dots, are available​​.

These deals highlight the diverse range of products available during the Black Friday sales in Washington, D.C., from electronics and home appliances to personal care and smart devices.

Shoppers should keep an eye out for limited-time offers and stock availability while hunting for the best deals.

As Black Friday 2023 approaches, travel enthusiasts have something special to look forward to. Capital Exotics is joining the biggest shopping holiday with an unbeatable Black Friday deal.

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Are Travel Deals Also Part Of Black Friday 2023 Sales, Considering Its Date?


This Black Friday 2023, get ready for an extraordinary travel adventure with Capital Exotics’ special deals! Shoppers, mark your calendars for November 24, the day after Thanksgiving, to grab the best Black Friday deals in travel.

When is Black Friday 2023? | car rental dc | 
exotic rental cars maryland | exotic car rental virginia
A Lady Enjoying Her Black Friday Deals

Capital Exotics elevates the shopping list holiday with an irresistible Black Friday sale: book for 2 days and get 1 day free. Don’t miss these early Black Friday deals for a memorable escape!

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Ready To Drive Your Dream Car This Black Friday? Why not check out our Exotic Car Rental Deals?

This Black Friday 2023, why limit your excitement to just shopping? Alongside the holiday deals, venture into the world of exotic car rentals. Whether you’re in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, seize this chance for a luxury car rental experience.

Dreamt of a Lamborghini? This is your moment! As Black Friday sales start, don’t just browse for kitchen appliances or tech deals; elevate your holiday with an unforgettable drive.

When is Black Friday 2023? | car rental dc | 
exotic rental cars maryland | exotic car rental virginia
A Woman Driving Her Dream Car During Black Friday

With exotic rental cars, transform your Black Friday shopping into an adventure. Don’t miss these exclusive deals – your dream car awaits this shopping season!

RENT FOR 2 DAYS, GET 1 DAY FREE: An unbeatable Black Friday 2023 sale on luxury car rentals.

  1. Exotic Car Rentals: Choose from BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracan, Aston Martin Vantage, and Mercedes AMG G63 G Wagon.
  2. New Inventory Alert: Explore our latest additions including McLaren 12C, Ferrari 488 GTB, Rolls Royce Ghost, and McLaren 650s Spider.
  3. Available Across Maryland, DC, and Virginia: Access luxury rental cars in prime locations.
  4. Ideal for Holiday Season: Perfect for adding luxury to your Black Friday shopping experience.
  5. Exclusive Deals: Don’t miss out on the best Black Friday 2023 deals in exotic car rentals.

As Black Friday 2023 approaches, the anticipation for unbeatable deals is tangible. This key shopping day promises not just early Black Friday sales but also a chance to get the best Black Friday 2023 deals.

Capital Exotics stands out as the perfect partner for luxury car enthusiasts, offering exclusive Black Friday 2023 sale opportunities. With predictions of remarkable holiday deals, especially in high-end car rentals, staying tuned for Capital Exotics’ official announcement is a must. 

Gear up for an exciting shopping season with Capital Exotics, where exclusive deals on luxury cars await!

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