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The 9 Best Golf Courses in Virginia 

People like to play golf because it gives them a lot of benefits, such as exercise, healthy competition (with others or yourself), trophies and the praise of hard-earned skills, fresh air, friends, and just the right amount of challenges to keep things interesting.

The best golf courses have all of these amenities and more, including modern facilities, professional staff, tasty fare, and picturesque settings. It’s likely that around 60 million people would say that this is what luxury really means.

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
Couple playing golf together

Golf is different from most games because it can be played in a lot of different types of places. They also vary in length. The most common is the 18-hole course, but people who don’t have much time still like the shorter 9-hole or executive courses.

The last way to group golf courses is by their setting, which can be anything from beach and desert to grassland, though many don’t really fit into any one category.

The word “luxury” is used to describe golf fields that are great all around. 

This includes the facilities, at least semi-exclusive access, transportation options, and special, helpful, or high-end extras.

The course itself should have a perfect teeing ground, fairway, and green, as well as enough roughs, hazards, and course lengths to suit players of all skill levels.

There’s also a lot of status that comes from the events that the course hosts or the famous people who have walked it at some point.

What is a Golf Course? 

A golf course is a dedicated area for the sport of golf, where golfers plays on a round of golf across varying terrains, from green fairways to sandy bunkers.

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics

 Designed by skilled architects like Jack Nicklaus, each course provides unique challenges with its 18 holes. 

The experience is more than just securing a tee time; it’s about soaking in the landscape, striving for that perfect shot with a golf club, and being part of a global golf destination community.

What are the Best Golf Courses in Virginia? 

Virginia, one of the country’s premier golf destinations, boasts some of the best golf courses.

With scenic landscapes and expert architect designs, these courses offer both challenges and stunning views. 

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
beautiful girl posing on the golf course

Golf Digest often ranks Virginia’s courses in the top 100, noting their pristine greens and well-maintained fairways.

Whether you’re playing a round amidst the rolling hills or securing a reservation at a private course, Virginia’s golfing experience is truly breathtaking for golfers alike.

Top 9 Golf Courses in Virginia 

Golf in Virginia has seen a surge in popularity, making it a sought-after golf destination. 

With green landscapes stretching out like a dream and golfers eagerly scheduling their tee time, the state boasts some of America’s best golf courses. 

Finding the perfect golf course in Virginia is paramount for both seasoned players and newcomers, ensuring every round of golf is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Whether you’re a pro with your golf club or a visitor looking to experience one of the country’s great golf courses, Virginia beckons!

9. The Tradition Golf Club at Royal New Kent

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
  • Description of the course:
    • Nestled amidst rolling hills and scenic landscapes, The Tradition Golf Club stands out as a golf destination par excellence.
  • Highlighting its unique design and layout:
    • Its design, which was made by a famous builder, includes both beautiful views and dangerous obstacles.
    • The 18-hole course has a mix of greens that are higher up and traps that are hard to hit.
  • Review of the playing experience:
    • Golfers alike rave about the impeccable greens and well-structured fairways.
    • Securing a tee time here promises a breathtaking and memorable round of golf.

8. The Homestead Resort – Cascades Course

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
  • Description of the course’s history and reputation:
    • Steeped in tradition, the Cascades Course, with its year-round allure, has cemented its place as America’s revered golf destination. Recognized in golf digest, it’s a course with a legacy.
  • Discussion of the challenging layout and scenic views:
    • Designed by the preeminent architect Alister MacKenzie, its layout boasts both challenging hazards and scenic overlooks. Definitely what makes the course unique are its rolling hills and expansive views.
  • Review of the amenities and services at the resort:
    • The resort offers top-tier golf club services and impeccable recreation facilities. Golfers can easily book their reservation for an unmatched experience.

7. The Club at Viniterra

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
  • Description of the course’s location and setting:
    • Tucked away in a scenic landscape, The Club at Viniterra is a gem. Tucked away amongst gorgeous meadows and gently sloping hills, this place is a golfer’s paradise.
  • Discussion of its well-maintained greens and fairways:
    • A testament to great golf course craftsmanship, its greens and fairways are maintained to perfection. The course showcases the expertise of top architects in its design.
  • Review of the overall atmosphere and customer experience:
    • Playing a round here is not just about golf; it’s an experience. From efficient reservation systems to the welcoming golf club ambiance, visitors rave about their time at Viniterra.

6. The Golden Horseshoe Golf Club – Gold Course

Top 9 of The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Virginia | Experience Luxury at Capital Exotics
  • Description of the course’s historical significance:
    • A golf destination of historical repute, the Gold Course stands as a testament to America’s love for the game. Enriched with tales from the past, it’s considered one of america’s iconic golfing venues.
  • Highlighting its unique challenges and gameplay:
    • Beyond its lush greens and meticulous fairways, the course boasts intricate hazards and elevated greens. This layout challenges both novice and seasoned golfers alike, offering a rewarding round of golf every time.
  • Review of the service and facilities provided at the club:
    • The Gold Course isn’t just about golf. With top 100 service ratings and facilities, from easy reservation systems to a welcoming golf club atmosphere, it promises a premium experience to every visitor.

5. The Highland Course at Primland

  • Description of the course’s picturesque surroundings:
    • Nestled amidst rolling hills and scenic landscapes, the course offers breathtaking panoramic vistas, with its greens beautifully juxtaposed against the serene backdrop of meadows and canyons.
  • Discussion of its championship-level design:
    • Designed with championship golf in mind, its layout, enriched with challenging bunkers and strategic hazards, offers a competitive experience for avid golfers seeking major championship caliber play.
  • Review of the luxury amenities and accommodations at Primland:
    • Beyond the course, Primland ensures a lavish stay, flaunting luxury amenities and world-class accommodations that rank among one of the country’s finest golf destinations.

4. The Country Club of Virginia – James River Course

  • Description of the course’s scenic views and riverside setting:
    • Set alongside the majestic James River, the course boasts stunning views. Golfers are treated to a panoramic landscape, combining rolling hills and riverside beauty that defines a perfect golf destination.
  • Highlighting the challenging holes and strategic layout:
    • With elevated greens, strategic bunkers, and challenging 18 holes, its layout is a testament to championship golf design, offering both challenge and reward.
  • Review of the club’s superior service and dining options:
    • Complementing the golf experience, the club ensures top-notch service, with an array of exquisite dining options, making it one of the country’s premier venues for golf and recreation.

3. The Ballyhack Golf Club

  • Description of the course’s links-style design:
    • The Ballyhack Golf Club offers a unique links-style design, reminiscent of golf courses near the iconic coasts of Scotland. Inspired by great golf courses, the landscape is a fusion of tradition and modernity.
  • Discussion of its well-manicured fairways and greens:
    • The club boasts pristine fairways and fast, true greens. Each round of golf here promises both challenge and visual delight, thanks to its meticulous upkeep.
  • Review of the overall experience and customer satisfaction:
    • Beyond the course, golfers alike praise the unmatched service, ensuring an unforgettable golf experience. It stands as a top 100 destination, ensuring satisfaction every tee time.

2. The Bay Creek Golf Club – Palmer Course

  • Description of the course’s coastal location and views:
    • Situated on a picturesque peninsula, The Bay Creek Golf Club’s Palmer Course offers golfers stunning views of the coastal surroundings. Its landscape is a blend of seaside charm and scenic beauty.
  • Highlighting its challenging yet enjoyable layout:
    • Crafted with a blend of breathtaking hazards and strategic routing, the course ensures a round of golf that’s both challenging and rewarding.
  • Review of the club’s amenities and nearby attractions:
    • Beyond the golf course, visitors relish the club’s top-notch amenities and the allure of nearby attractions. It’s not just a golf destination but an experience waiting to be explored every tee time.

1. The Primland Golf Club, Highland Course

  • Description of the course’s mountaintop location and scenery:
    • Nestled atop rolling hills, The Primland Golf Club’s Highland Course provides golfers with breathtaking panoramic views from its mountaintop setting. Nature’s beautiful scenery is captured in the landscape.
  • Discussion of its strategic design and challenging holes:
    • Designed by renowned architect specialists, its routing and hazard placements make for a compelling round of golf, challenging even the most seasoned golfer.
  • Review of the luxurious accommodations and dining options at Primland:
    • When you book a stay at Primland, you’ll get to enjoy all that the resort has to offer, not just the golf course.

Final Thoughts: 

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Virginia is home to some of America’s top 10 golf courses, each an architectural masterpiece by renowned architects such as Jack Nicklaus and Alister Mackenzie.

As 2023 beckons, Capital Exotic steps up the game, inviting avid golfers to experience these iconic courses with a twist.

Their helicopter tour packages seamlessly integrate golf course hopping, ensuring each tee time is more than just a game – it’s a holistic luxury golf destination experience.

Paired with a personal chauffeur, this is Virginia’s golfing redefined. Don’t just play, soar and explore Virginia’s golfing gems like never before.

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