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Cloud Nine Delight

Price $3,100 + Helicopter Charter

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Cloud Nine Delight $3,100 + Helicopter Charter

What is offered
Cars Included
  7. BMW I8
  8. AMG G63
  9. porsche 718
“Experience the epitome of luxury with our “”Cloud Nine Delight”” package, crafted for those who demand nothing but the best. This offer includes everything from our renowned “”Unforgettable Moments”” package and elevates it skyward with a thrilling 1-hour helicopter ride, providing panoramic views to complement your ground journey. To mark your special occasion, we’ve added custom-curated gifts, ensuring every detail is tailored to perfection. Embark on spontaneous adventures with a Paid Dinner reservations for two at a 5-star premier restaurant/ Bottle of wine or champagne at dinner, and for a flawless start, we’re extending complimentary delivery to a generous 25-mile radius, setting you on the path to sheer exhilaration.”
About Capital Exotic

Capital Exotic:  Your best car rental choice for exceptional luxury rental in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Offering exotic services, competitive, cheap and budget-friendly prices, along with exclusive security and chauffeur services. Experience luxury of excellence at its finest with Capital Exotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?
All our reservations and payment channels are handled by trusted third-party software, ensuring your money is safe and responsibly transferred through.
1) The daily rate or hourly will be paid upfront in full. If renting a car a Charge hold will be placed during the rental period to insure in case of damages or driving over the allotted miles
What documentation is required for the verification process?
Our rental process is quite simple however you are required to have your valid ID, driver’s licence and proof of insurance.
Can I customize the Date Night package to include specific amenities or exclude certain features?
Absolutely! At Capital Exotic, we understand that every couple has unique preferences. While our standard package is designed to provide a luxurious experience, we are more than happy to tailor the package to fit your specific desires and needs. Reach out to our team to discuss personalization and we’ll work diligently to craft your perfect date night.
How far in advance do I need to book the Unforgettable Moments Date Night package?
Due to the exclusive nature of the Date Night package and to ensure availability of your preferred exotic car, we recommend booking at least 7 days in advance. However, we do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, though certain amenities might be subject to availability.
Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle?
As an eligible renter, you are required to have a valid drivers licence. If you are covered under personal insurance you can go ahead and use that. We also have Capital insurance if required to make sure the renter is 100% covered.


Elevate your experience to new heights with our exclusive “Cloud Nine Delight” package, brought to you by Capital Exotic, your ultimate destination for sports car rentals and luxury rental cars. Prepare for an unforgettable date night that will leave you on cloud nine. Building upon the foundation of our renowned “Unforgettable Moments” package, “Cloud Nine Delight” offers everything you love, including a 24-hour rental of your dream car. Choose from our prestigious fleet, featuring the Aston Martin Vantage, Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Ghost, BMW X6M Competition, Range Rover Sport SVR, BMW I8, AMG G63, and Porsche 718 – an array of luxury rental cars designed to fuel your passion. But that’s not all! We’re making your night even more special with a Paid Dinner Reservations For Two At A 5-Star Premier Restaurant/ Bottle Of Wine Or Champagne At Dinner, custom gifts tailored to your occasion, a professional Photo Shoot to capture your moments, and a breathtaking 1-hour helicopter ride that will take your breath away. Worried about logistics? We’ve got you covered with free delivery within 25 miles, and our exceptional cars are included in the package. For a price of just $3,100, plus the enchanting addition of a Helicopter Charter, “Cloud Nine Delight” is the ultimate way to indulge in Lamborghini rental and sports car rentals while reaching for the sky. Book this extraordinary experience now with Capital Exotic and get ready to soar to new heights. Capture the essence of luxury, style, and adventure like never before. Book “Cloud Nine Delight” for the date night of your dreams!

Lamborghini Huracan

Rolls Royce Ghost

Range Rover SVR

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