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Unlock First- Class Automotive Repairs in Arlington, VA, and Beyond with Capital Exotic! Your Trusted Destination for Top- Notch Service in DC, Virginia, and Maryland

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At Capital Exotic, our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions to enhance your vehicle’s performance and ensure its optimal functioning. Trust us to keep your vehicle running at its best and experience the difference of our exceptional services.

  • Battery Service
  • Complete Rewire Service
  • Burn Damage Repairs
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Drive Belt Replacement
  • Starter Assemblies, Switches, & Cables
  • Trailer Wiring, Hookups & Diagnosis
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Battery Service

At Capital Exotic, we recognize the significance of maintaining your vehicle’s transmission for optimal performance. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive transmission fluid services – inspecting, flushing and replacing it regularly to ensure smooth shifting and extended transmission life as well as helping prevent wear and overheating. You can count on Capital Exotic’s expert care when it comes to transmission fluid services for keeping your transmission operating at its best – for long life and smooth performance!

Complete Rewire Service

At Capital Exotic, we understand the importance of a properly functioning electrical system in your vehicle. Our expert technicians specialize in comprehensive complete re-wire services. Whether it’s addressing aged or damaged wiring, faulty connections, or modernizing your vehicle’s electrical system, we ensure thorough diagnostics and precise rewiring. With our expertise, you can expect enhanced reliability and safety in your vehicle’s electrical components. Count on us to provide a complete re-wire service that ensures your vehicle operates seamlessly and efficiently. Capital Exotic – where complete re-wire expertise meets professional care for your vehicle’s electrical integrity and optimal performance

Burn Damage Repairs

Capital Exotic understands the challenges posed by burn damage to your vehicle, and our expert technicians specialize in efficient burn damage repairs. No matter if it was caused by fire, heat or another factor – with us you can trust in restored aesthetics and structural integrity; as well as providing comprehensive repairs that restore aesthetics and structural integrity for a safe driving experience. Capital Exotic provides professional burn damage repairs for vehicle restoration with peace of mind for our clients.

Alternator Replacement

At Capital Exotic, we understand the essential role an alternator plays in your vehicle’s electrical system and offer efficient alternator replacement services. When your alternator stops working or stops functioning altogether, our skilled technicians specialize in its replacement with high-quality replacement parts to keep your electrical components operating reliably. You can trust us to ensure reliable power generation for your electrical components – trust Capital Exotic for expert alternator replacement for maximum vehicle performance and power!

Drive Belt Replacement

At Capital Exotic, we recognize the significance of having a properly maintained drive belt for optimal vehicle operation. Our skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive drive belt replacement services to keep your serpentine belt, timing belt or any other belt properly distributed across your vehicle’s components – providing improved performance with reduced risks of breakdowns. Trust Capital Exotic with your drive belt replacement needs for longevity and optimal performance!

Starter Assemblies, Switches, & Cables

At Capital Exotic, we understand the significance of having a properly functioning starter system for your vehicle. Our expert technicians specialize in starter assembly, switch and cable services to ensure reliable engine ignition and driving experiences. By diagnosing issues with starting, addressing faulty switches or replacing damaged cables as needed – Capital Exotic technicians ensure your car starts reliably! You can depend on us to keep its starter components in peak condition so your vehicle always hits the road ready. Come visit Capital Exotic where starter assembly, switch and cable services meet expert care for reliable operation and hassle-free starts! Capital Exotic is where starter assembly, switch and cable services meet expert care for hassle-free starts and hassle-free operations!

Trailer Wiring, Hookups & Diagnosis

At Capital Exotic, we recognize the significance of having proper trailer wiring and hookups for safe towing. Our skilled technicians specialize in trailer wiring services, hookups, diagnostics, installation new wiring or connections or diagnosing any issues with lights or brakes on trailers – whether installing new wiring, checking connections or diagnosing issues related to lights and brakes on trailers we have your needs covered! With our expertise you can expect hassle-free towing experiences. Trust Capital Exotic to keep your wiring and hookups in excellent condition ensuring your vehicle is ready for towing; Capital Exotic offers superior care so you can experience safe and hassle-free towing experiences! Trust Capital Exotic for quality trailer wiring services with peace of mind towing experiences!