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Capex Racing Academy

Starting From 15th July- 2024

Drive Supercars, Sports Cars, and Luxury Cars on Race Tracks
Near Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia 

Capital Exotic offers premier driving experiences in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Control supercars and luxury vehicles on Rallycross courses, Racecar tracks, and Drift courses. Benefit from IMSA Pro team-led training for limitless racing or scenic drives.
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Supercars Available for Race Track Experiences

After selecting one of our Capex Racing Academy packages, you will gain access to our fleet of supercars. Each supercar is designated for a specific track, including race tracks, rally courses, and drift courses.
Le Mans Prototype LMP Race Car | Capital Exotic Car Rental in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
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LMP Prototype Race Car

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Yellow Color stunning McLaren 650s Spider available for rent at Capital Exotic car rental in DMV
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McLaren 650s Spider

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Audi TT RS GT4

General admission for only $50?

General admission includes:

Time starts from 6:30am - 8pm

All inclusive Buffay

Unlimited Alcohol / Beverage

Capital Exotic Racing Academy

The Capital Exotic Racing Academy is an institution designed to train aspiring normal people and current drivers in the various aspects of competitive motorsport for a 1 day track experience. The Capital Exotic Racing Academics offer a structured program that encompasses both theoretical and practical training to prepare drivers for just regular fun around the track or help start you down a path of professional racing careers. Here’s a comprehensive description of what a The Capital Exotic Racing Academy entails and what drivers go through during their 1 Day of training and fun:

1. Curriculum Design

Capital Exotic Racing Academy provides a detailed curriculum that covers the following key areas:

  • Driving Techniques: This includes racing lines, braking points, throttle control, gear selection, overtaking strategies, and racecraft. Drivers learn the nuances of different types of racing, whether it’s circuit racing, rallying, or others.
  • Vehicle Dynamics: Drivers study in a 2 hour class room session the physics of racing cars likes McLaren’s and Prototype cars, including weight distribution, suspension, tire grip, aerodynamics, and how these factors impact each vehicles performance.
  • Safety and Regulations: This involves learning about the safety gear (helmets, harnesses), track safety rules, flag signals, pit lane etiquette, and racing regulations set by governing bodies like F1 and IMSA.
  • Mechanical Knowledge: Understanding the basics of car mechanics, including engines, transmissions, braking systems, and chassis structure, know this helps drivers effectively.

2. Practical Training

Practical training is a crucial part of The Capital Exotic Racing Academy’s program. It includes:

  • Track Sessions: Drivers spend significant time on the track Throughout the day doing practice laps and working on specific skills like braking, cornering, and acceleration.
  • Simulators: Capital Exotic will have a racing simulator at the storefront for future students to use and practice with before the track day event.
  • Data Analysis: Drivers will get to review there lap times and and driving data with a track engineer at the club house in-between sessions, the instructors are trained to analyze telemetry data to improve driver performance and they examine lap times, speed, throttle and brake inputs, and other metrics to identify areas for improvement.

All students who attend will receive a certificate saying they completed 12 hours of training at the Capital Exotic Racing Academy and it will be signed by our professional lead instructor that they can take with them to wherever they go in life!

The Track

The Shenandoah Circuit

Grand Prix : Bring Your Own Car and Race on Racing Tracks.

Podium finishers will be awarded a cash prize. Each race lasts for 30 minutes with 20 participants.

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With Capex Racing Academy, not only do we provide access to exceptional vehicles, but we also offer comprehensive in-class training by experienced instructors from the IMSA Pro team. This ensures that your skills are honed to perfection in a professional environment. Additionally, our services are enhanced with exclusive benefits to enhance your day at the track:

  • VIP Gift Bag: Receive a luxury gift bag filled with premium items.
  • Complimentary Meals: Enjoy a complimentary breakfast or lunch to keep you energized.
  • VIP Sky Box Full Access: Gain exclusive access to the best views and amenities.
  • Chauffeur Services: Benefit from a 50% discount on chauffeur services for a seamless experience.
  • Happy Hour at 5 PM: Relax and socialize with our Happy Hour specials.

Reserve your track day with Capex Racing Academy, a Capital Exotic service, and surpass all expectations of what a driving experience can be. Offering competitive pricing and the highest level of professional service, we are here to make your high-speed adventures unforgettable in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

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